When Can My Baby Eat Fish?

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When can my baby start eating fish?

Baby weaning foods including fish can be started as soon as you start weaning.

You’ll want to check with your doctor because fish is one of the top allergenic foods, and most doctors recommend starting with traditional first solids (such as baby cereal and pureed meat, fruits, or vegetables) before offering your baby fish.

Getting them started young on eating fresh fish is a great way to help your baby adjust his or her taste buds. Their senses are far more enhanced at such a young age hence why the flavour of weaning foods are kept simple in the very early stages. It is recommended that salmon and cod are the best due to their low mercury levels.

After the initial introduction of fruits and vegetables for your baby at about 7 months is a good time to start to introduce some fresh fish. Fish is quick and easy to cook, a mild flavour and far less chewy than meat.

But what are the best recipes to try?

Our Fearless fish range is 99% Bone Free, but always check for bones.

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