Prawn Cocktail Sandwich served on Soda Bread

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prawn sandwich

Prawn Cocktail Sandwich served on Soda Bread


2 tbsp Mayonnaise

1 tbsp Ketchup

2 tbsp chopped dill

1 lemon quartered

100g of Daly’s Cooked Prawns

2 slices of Irish Soda Bread

Salad of your choice

Homemade chips



  • Mix the Mayonnaise, ketchup, half the dill, juice of the lemon and seasoning in a bowl
  • Toss in the cooked Prawns
  • Arrange the Soda Bread on a plate and pile on the prawn filling, sprinkle the remaining dill on top
  • Serve with some salad of your choice and your homemade chips
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