Fearless Fish

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Fearless Fish

My Child Won’t Eat Fresh Fish

Is your child scared of eating fresh fish?

Do they fear finding one of those small bones in their dinner?

Well they are not alone, it is a common challenge for parents so Daly’s Seafood decided to try and make it a little easier for parents to serve that delicious fresh fish meal for all the family to enjoy – moan free!!

Meet Finnian Our Fearless Fish Mascot promoting Daly’s fish which is 99% bone free.

Let’s face it as a parent we are bombarded with information about what to and what not to feed our kids. One day they tell us this, the next it’s that – it all gets very confusing.

With the rising numbers of overweight children in Ireland, and the overeating of junk food it is no wonder children are missing their daily calcium and iron intake. But there are so many fads out there and new stories every day – which ones do we believe and which ones do we take with a pinch of salt?

Well there’s one thing for sure and this information isn’t new, or a fad, there are amazing health benefits for anyone who eats fresh fish on a regular basis.

Fish is rich in so many nutrients that a young body needs as well as playing a huge part in helping to prevent many diseases later in life. It’s time to start as we mean to go on and get the right foods into our kid’s tummies.

Easier said than done I hear some of you say who have that challenge of trying to get their little ones to eat good food. But with Daly’s recommended family favourite recipes, all the family will start to enjoy your fresh fish meals and it takes so little time to cook!

Fish is a rich source of protein, which is essential for building strong healthy muscles and bones. Protein is essential for every part of the body including your heart, lungs, nails, skin and hair plus a key nutrient for development. Children need a balance of good proteins and healthy carbohydrates for each meal, and fish can be a perfect solution for their protein needs.

Did you know that fresh fish is rich in iodine which help develop a healthy metabolism and the zinc will help boost their immune system fighting off colds and flu.

As pale, Irish people we are regularly told that we won’t get enough sun (or vitamin D) and that we need to supplement that with a tablet. But fish are rich in oils, especially salmon, trout, mackerel, herring and sardines. Vitamin D is essential in helping the body to absorb calcium which is needed for strong healthy bones.

Do you want to develop the next Einstein? Well we can’t promise you that, but with the omega 3 fats in fish, they play a vital role especially in young children with the development of brain and nerves.

Children will often mimic their family eating habits. For example, if you put out the tomato ketchup on the table for every meal, your children will put the ketchup on their plate. But what if you just don’t put it out? OK so for the first few times they many protest but after a while they will get used to it and will start to taste the actual meal rather than masking it. Create positive eating habits for your family, they watch you more than you realise. So if you don’t eat well, it is more than likely your children won’t either and they will continue those habits right in to adulthood.

 So what if your child refuses to eat fish?

Well most children will refuse food at some stage. Usually this starts about the age of 2/3 years when they are introduced to preschool and similar groups there they are interacting with other children and learning new habits – good and bad!

It is often the case where parents don’t like or eat fish themselves that their children will automatically not like it because they have never tried it. But you can reintroduce these foods slowly; you will be surprised at the results. Don’t give up on the first try though, sometimes it take a few attempts to get them used to the flavour and texture.

Perfect examples of fish with a milder flavour are whiting and haddock.

Don’t push your child to eat the fish if they are finding it hard, but encourage them to take just one mouth full at a meal time and then they can grow from there.

“Do as I say not as I do”

There is no point in pushing your children to eat fish if you are not eating it yourself. Like we mentioned earlier, children tend to adopt the same eating habits as their parents which they then take into adulthood, so create positive eating habits.

Get your children involved in the preparation of the fish meal. At Daly’s all our fish is skinned and boned on request, so all you have to do is cook it. No yucky parts to prepare in this fresh fish cooking! Check out our recipe page for more family friendly ideas.

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out some more family friendly fresh fish recipes for you to try. Let us know how you get on.

Fearless Fish

Fearless Fish

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